GUYS. TODAY IS THE DAY. I know that this has nothing (and everything) to do with Elise in Wonderland, BUT the face behind the blog has a REALLY COOL clothing company. YES. I do. (A woman of many talents.)
See SO MUCH NEWNESS from Callie’s Closet Clothing Co. —> here.

Today we (me, really) am releasing a small portion of my HOLIDAY COLLECTION. & YOU ARE GETTING THE FIRST LOOK!!! OMG. YES. HOLIDAY. Santa! Baking! Snow! (if you’re in the north like me – hey Michiganders) You’re probably freezing. & still I love this time of year. There’s a lot of glitter, & excellent food, & potential times to entertain.

merry little LS white

I know it’s only November 1st, & not everyone is ready… and everyone wants to wait till after Thanksgiving, but I legit hate Thanksgiving so – that doesn’t excite me. AND I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING. What about all the poor retail people that have to go in at 6pm on Thanksgiving, WELL, that was ALSO me. I did it for 3 years in college & I’m happy to be beyond that. But, for those of you who aren’t quite ready for the holidays, you can check out Callie’s Closet Clothing Co. Fall collection —> HERE. See, I’m thinking of everyone here. (which isn’t common, so don’t take it for granted.)

I’m sorry I said I hate Thanksgiving. It’s just like really stressful, & a lot of travel for a day filled with my in-laws & their friends & cranberry sauce & green beans & all that. It’s tradition in our family that we spend Thanksgiving with my in-laws & Christmas with my parents. (yes, and only parents cause we legit have like 11 living people in our bloodline. & they are all over the country) So it’s kinda hard to get together to eat some turkey & potatoes. But – my mother always decorates to the 9’s and it looks like a store when you walk into the house, for like any holiday – but especially Christmas, so I wouldn’t miss it.

Happy November 1st Babes. Now, go fall in love with some Callie’s Closet Clothes. K?

Fall Collection —-> HERE.
Holiday Collection  —> HERE.

Kinda cool you didn’t even have to scroll back up, isn’t it? Kisses.



Happy October Witches!

halloween bookshelf2 copyhalloween bookshelf

Halloween for me starts in late August. I want to soak up as much of the holidays as possible! I love to decorate my home. My FIRST home. My husband and I lived in an apartment for 2 years, & here we are.. just passing the anniversary of our one year here. Thats not why you stopped in though. Halloween. Witches, Crows, Fall colors, Pumpkin Beers, Carmel Apple Cider – I personally cannot get enough. (Hence why I start so early)

Halloween decor can be found anywhere & everywhere, starting right after the kids go back to school. (which is when you find the BEST stuff) I haunt Home Goods, Target, TJ Maxx, & all sorts of little fun shops I have up here in Michigan. You can make anything work if you just arrange them right. Use books for height – Don’t have a purple spell book like mine? Hit up your local used bookstore and find a nice thick bound book with fun gold lettering! You can find glittery pumpkins & fun pumpkins almost anywhere! If that “perfect” one isn’t out there – opt to paint & glitter a real pumpkin, or hit up your local orchard & snag yourself a lil cutie from the patch.

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