Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy [cheat on your diet] day! I hope you eat all the heart shaped things your [actual] heart desires. So, Valentine’s day for me is nothing special because my husband works noon to midnight… although I am making strawberry waffles [cut into hearts] It’s not gonna be the flowers & food I shouldn’t be eating dream it could be. There’s something about a romantic breakfast that isn’t that romantic.

If you’re single, YOU ARE NOT MISSING OUT. It’s just as lonely actually having a Valentine and they aren’t even around. Its not his fault or anything, but it still makes me feel lonely and abandoned. SO. Here I am, with you… my favorite company on earth.

Here’s a fun little DIY you can do for your BFF, your work wife, your spouse, your mom… you get where I’m going here.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 2.23.50 PM

Buy [at your local grocery]:

  • 4 different Valentine’s candies
  • Starbucks 4 pack of frappuccino bottles
    Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 2.34.17 PM

Buy [at your local crafty store]:

  • Valentine Paper [to wrap the box]
  • Valentine Paper [different prints for lids]
  • Solid Red/White/Pink Cardstock
  • Glue stick
  • E6000 [also glue]
  • Heart stickers, beads, rhinestones etc.
  • Cute 1/4″ ribbon [4 kinds if you want each jar different like I did]
  • Glitter

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 2.24.05 PM

I’m not going to give too much instruction, because it’s a lot of measuring & cutting.. but I’ll give you a general idea on how to attack this project. ***[If you just want to give the single bottles to 4 different people & not the 4 pack to that special someone, then skip Steps 2, 3, & 4.]

  1. Empty, rip off label, wash & dry coffee bottles. [If you aren’t in the mood for 4 frappes then just put them in a pitcher in the fridge, they’ll stay good a few days]
  2. Cover your box with the Valentine Print Paper.
  3. Cut out 4 hearts & put cute Valentine phrases on them. [one for all sides of the box]
  4. Now, cutting the paper for the outside of the box is super wild & not that fun so I just covered it really well with glue & threw glitter on it.
  5. Trace the lid of the jar for your perfect circle on your solid colored paper.
  6. Trace 4 smaller circles on your Valentine print papers using something around the house [shot glasses make great circles]
  7. Cut 4 small hearts for the lid.
  8. If you found beads or rhinestones you’ll need to use the E6000 glue to put those on.
  9. ASSEMBLE. Glue together your lid circle, smaller circle, hearts, & letters/beads/etc. onto the lid with E6000.
  10. NEXT… which you cannot see pictured here is the paper on the bottle. You’ll measure the space you need and wrap a print or solid paper around where the label used to be. Decorate with your stickers, something similar to the top of the bottles [like circles & hearts], or make your version of conversation hearts & decorate the front of your new label.
  11. Fill your bottles with candy!
  12. Measure your ribbon so it fits around the bottle, you can tie a bow or just a nice knot, but you’ll also want to glue the ribbon with E6000 onto the lid of the bottle.

Good Luck! You can always use this idea and change it to any Holiday theme. Maybe do some nice rainbow, green & gold ones for St. Patrick’s Day! [Lots of] Kisses.



Think Spring – Faux Florals

Here in Michigan we have about 6 months of cloudy darkness, aka… WINTER. & I’m starting to feel some spring fever. I decided to make a spring arrangement for my office to spruce this place up. I love the faux florals at hobby lobby, but you can also find really wonderful ones at your local home & garden stores. [shop local] I find really beautiful faux florals at a store called Warmbier Farms in Auburn, MI. Check out their website… HERE. If you’re ever in the area, its a MUST stop.

I found my vessels somewhere in my travels [sorry I can’t remember]

Today I’ll give you some tips on arrangements. You’ll want to follow a color story. I used coral & yellow for mine. Find things in this color story. You don’t want to get a blue here, and a orange there, and a red there. It will look more professional when you follow one or two colors.

You’ll also want to use the rule of ODDS. Whatever you choose to buy, you’ll want 3, 5, or 7 of. I typically buy 3 in the bigger flowers, and 5 in the filler flowers. And I will typically get 5 different ones with similar looks.

For this arrangement you’ll need:

Wire Cutters
Two Vessels
3 large flowers [ I used peonies ]
3 medium flowers [ I used riniculas ]
3 filler flowers [ use anything small & simple, not distracting from your large & med ]
5 filler pieces [ these are the small yellow buds ]
Florist Foam

Faux florals come in crazy long stems, so figure out how tall you’d like your arrangement to be, and cut the first stem to that length. You won’t want them all the same, but you will want them within two inches longer or shorter than each other. It’ll give a more cohesive appearance. Start putting your large flowers in first, then medium, and finally, filler. You can cut them, move the wires around so they fill certain areas, and adjust till you think it looks full and fabulous! Sometimes I figure out which sides of my arrangement will show, and puff those up with more, and less in the back. If my arrangement is going to sit on a table, and you’ll see it from all angles, turn your arrangement as you fill, so it looks evenly placed all around!

What color are you thinking for this spring? Coral, Yellow, Soft pink? Let me know! Tag #eliseinwonderland on instagram to show your work! Kisses.



Crystal Clear

I’m a lover of vintage things, so I’m always cleaning things up  & making them crystal clear again. When we moved into our house, the previous owner was a cigar lover, & my (now home office) – living room – & entryway were, VERY yellow. We scrubbed the walls, & painted the ceiling. no problem. Yellow —> white. BRIGHT white. Wonders of a fresh coat of paint & some old fashioned elbow grease.

Some things however, needed a scrub down & a “professional” cleaning. Mainly, our light fixtures. Our entryway had this cute little light fixture I wanted to keep, but the crystals were so yellow and dirty that I didn’t know if it was salvageable. IT WAS. I found this little magic gem that I can’t wait to share with you, from Home Depot. (or probably any other home supply store) It’s called TSP. & you can find it —-> here.

I actually found that I prefer the liquid version more, but this stuff is NOT FOR KIDS. & you should probably wear gloves, & it has to be diluted. SO, FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS. but you can buy it on Amazon —-> here.

Here’s a little BEFORE & a little AFTER. Amazing right? Looks like new! I just diluted the TSP & dipped each crystal in the diluted mix, rinsed with water, laid to dry, & hung them back up. it’s not my #1 choice of light fixture, but it kinda goes with the shabby chic vibe of my house. Anyway. You can use TSP to clean walls, old crystals, yellowed wall paper & probably a million other things, but I used it when we moved into our house & it was the best cleaning product I’ve ever purchased. You’re Welcome.



Easiest Party Dip… EVER

The weekend is quickly approaching – when you blink it will be Saturday. FOOTBALL Saturday. We know you’ve got your gear on, beer cooled, & you want to run to the store & throw some snacks together. Chips & Salsa – easy. PERFECT. Except when you arrive to the tailgate everyone else had the same idea. Here’s my 3 ingredient dip (plus dipping agent) that’s easyyyyy peasyyyyy. Trust me. I wouldn’t steer you wrong.

  1. Philadelphia cream cheese
  2. Marzetti Old fashion Carmel dip
  3. Pecans

I like to serve mine with apple slices, but you can also use flat pretzels, regular pretzels, some cool cracker, or whatever your little heart desires.

OMG. REALLY ELISE.. THATS IT? YES GIRL. YES. Let your cream cheese sit out for a half hour or so (that way it’ll be easy to mold in the bottom of your dish). I use a spoon & legit mush it in the bottom of my dip bowl. Then take some Carmel & put about a centimeter on the top. Crush your pecans in a zip lock bag with your seriously useful kitchen tool –your rock hard fist. This will just make them a bit smaller so each person doesn’t get a whole nut on their dip. Throw those babies on the top and BOOM. you are done. Not only will you have a unique dip, but everyone will LOVE it & think you did something seriously amazing… which you did, right?


Have a great weekend ! Let me know if you try it & love it!!

x0 Elly

Happy October Witches!

halloween bookshelf2 copyhalloween bookshelf

Halloween for me starts in late August. I want to soak up as much of the holidays as possible! I love to decorate my home. My FIRST home. My husband and I lived in an apartment for 2 years, & here we are.. just passing the anniversary of our one year here. Thats not why you stopped in though. Halloween. Witches, Crows, Fall colors, Pumpkin Beers, Carmel Apple Cider – I personally cannot get enough. (Hence why I start so early)

Halloween decor can be found anywhere & everywhere, starting right after the kids go back to school. (which is when you find the BEST stuff) I haunt Home Goods, Target, TJ Maxx, & all sorts of little fun shops I have up here in Michigan. You can make anything work if you just arrange them right. Use books for height – Don’t have a purple spell book like mine? Hit up your local used bookstore and find a nice thick bound book with fun gold lettering! You can find glittery pumpkins & fun pumpkins almost anywhere! If that “perfect” one isn’t out there – opt to paint & glitter a real pumpkin, or hit up your local orchard & snag yourself a lil cutie from the patch.

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