Lyin’ cold on the bathroom floor

Lyin’ cold on the bathroom floor cause she’s sick AF. IDK whats wrong with me. I swear every time I go in public I end up with some disgusting bug. [maybe not every time, but too often.] Last night I spent too many hours over the porcelain throne. Probs not what you wanted to hear, but today I’m slightly recovered. I hate half a bagel & 4 sips of gatorade and we’re making progress.

[shoes pictured are Steve Madden Mules. I bought mine on but I’ve also seen them on DSW. Idk if they are still available or not. sorry.]

Basically all that this sickness reminded me that I didn’t swiffer my bathroom floor yesterday. Does anyone else with a wild beast [aka super furry cat] need to sweep everyday? Does anyone just cry and wish their mom was there to take care of them when they are sick? Cause, Same. Sorry if you read this and thought it sucked, cause today sucks for me too. No Kisses today. Trying not to infect ya.


Black & White – Staples

Black & White Staples

I love nothing more then a black & white striped top. Here’s just a few of my favorites.

They go with so many things. You can find them anywhere. Layer under a cool blazer, spicy bomber jacket, classic jean jacket, nude sweater, pretty much anything your little heart desires. You can dress it up or down depending on your shoes, pants and accessories. [even price point – fabrics, embellishments, etc.] Now that Christmas is over & we’re into the dreary months until spring, I thought I’d show you in these next few weeks some of my GO TO [affordable] outfits for days when I have “nothing to wear.”

Top Row L to R:
1. Forever 21. Long Sleeve.       2. Kohl’s Elle Brand. Peplum T.        3. Target Mossino – Tank

Middle Row L to R:
4. American Eagle. Loose & Flowy T.       5. H&M. Basic T.           6. H&M. Silky Peplum Tank

Bottom Row L to R:
7. H&M. Basic T.      8. Ralph Lauren. Classic Polo.   9. Victoria’s Secret PINK. Racerback Tank.

Round up your basics & get ready to layer. Outfit inspo coming soon. Stay Tuned. Kisses.


Vacation Vibes Collection


Spring Break is almost HERE! Well, idk about you, but I’m getting excited. My family always goes to Florida in the beginning of March & my clothing line Callie’s Closet Clothing Co.’s new Vacation Vibes Collection drops NOW. While you’re reading this, its available. I’m STOKED. It took me awhile to get in vacation, spring break, warm weather mode because… I live in Michigan and its cloudy and 5 degrees most days. Here’s a little peek at the collection, but you can view the entire collection here.

& here’s a cute code that you can ONLY get here – on my blog, for a discount. COOL RIGHT? HURRY! Cause it ends FEB. 5th. Use code “VACAYVIBES” at checkout. Kisses.


Soldered Glass Charms

Maybe I never mentioned it [but I probably have] that I have an art degree. I love metal smithing & jewelry. A friend of mine had a piece similar to these that I made years ago [omg years like I’m 60 or something] & she works at a cute little shop near Petoskey, MI. THE NORTH. [which I love] & If you’re local, you can go there & you can buy my stuff. & then I can make more stuff. Exciting, isn’t it? Check out their insta @journeynorth141



COOL. I’m super awkward when I talk about my own stuff. I have this notion in my head that its never good enough, or cool enough, or like enough. SO. Check it out. Tell me I’m awesome [so maybe I’ll believe it]. Till next time…



GUYS. TODAY IS THE DAY. I know that this has nothing (and everything) to do with Elise in Wonderland, BUT the face behind the blog has a REALLY COOL clothing company. YES. I do. (A woman of many talents.)
See SO MUCH NEWNESS from Callie’s Closet Clothing Co. —> here.

Today we (me, really) am releasing a small portion of my HOLIDAY COLLECTION. & YOU ARE GETTING THE FIRST LOOK!!! OMG. YES. HOLIDAY. Santa! Baking! Snow! (if you’re in the north like me – hey Michiganders) You’re probably freezing. & still I love this time of year. There’s a lot of glitter, & excellent food, & potential times to entertain.

merry little LS white

I know it’s only November 1st, & not everyone is ready… and everyone wants to wait till after Thanksgiving, but I legit hate Thanksgiving so – that doesn’t excite me. AND I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING. What about all the poor retail people that have to go in at 6pm on Thanksgiving, WELL, that was ALSO me. I did it for 3 years in college & I’m happy to be beyond that. But, for those of you who aren’t quite ready for the holidays, you can check out Callie’s Closet Clothing Co. Fall collection —> HERE. See, I’m thinking of everyone here. (which isn’t common, so don’t take it for granted.)

I’m sorry I said I hate Thanksgiving. It’s just like really stressful, & a lot of travel for a day filled with my in-laws & their friends & cranberry sauce & green beans & all that. It’s tradition in our family that we spend Thanksgiving with my in-laws & Christmas with my parents. (yes, and only parents cause we legit have like 11 living people in our bloodline. & they are all over the country) So it’s kinda hard to get together to eat some turkey & potatoes. But – my mother always decorates to the 9’s and it looks like a store when you walk into the house, for like any holiday – but especially Christmas, so I wouldn’t miss it.

Happy November 1st Babes. Now, go fall in love with some Callie’s Closet Clothes. K?

Fall Collection —-> HERE.
Holiday Collection  —> HERE.

Kinda cool you didn’t even have to scroll back up, isn’t it? Kisses.