Boxed Cake Upgrade


Life tip: NEVER try a new recipe before you are going to take it somewhere. Do a trial run because you are bound to learn something about bake time, too much this or that, and maybe that the recipe was an entire flop anyway.

March is the month of birthdays in this family, and my husband’s was March 24th. I needed to make something quick so I resorted to a boxed cake from the grocery. I also got a tub of chocolate frosting, because his favorite is yellow cake with chocolate frosting. [Note: One tub of frosting made 12 cupcakes. The cake mix made 16. If you don’t want to resort to naked cake or using buttercream you whip up at home, buy two tubs if you are going to frost them like I did.] Idk who made up this combo, but I really don’t get it. BUT, he loves it, so I made it.

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 2.52.55 PMI wanted these cakes to be semi non box like, so I used a decorating tip 1M. [Wilton brand] I know theres a million tips and names, but compare it to your collection. It looks like this.

My husband’s favorite colors are blue & purple. It’s hard to not make purple girly, so I went with a blue, green, purple sprinkle combo situation. I found this set that had the big dot sprinkles in several colors and threw those in a bowl with some nonperiels of matching colors.

[Tip: I put my tip in the bag and cut it accordingly, and then I put it in a giant glass and fold the extra part of the bag over the edges of the cup. This makes for much easier piping bag filling.] Swoop the frosting on top of your cupcake and put the sprinkles on right after. If you do all the frosting first, your sprinkles will not stick. I don’t have any tutorial for how to swoop frosting, but I’m hopefully going to get my act together and put something out for you to follow.

I hope something I said was helpful in some way and know you aren’t alone box cake makers of America. If I didn’t tell you, you’d never know.



Baby BLT’s

I’m not a big meat eater. I haven’t eaten beef or pork since I was 10, I’m allergic to shellfish, I can’t stand the smell of actual fish, I won’t eat anything off the bone, or like, animals that aren’t normal so frog legs & bison are out of the question. SO, what do I eat? Lunch meat turkey & an occasional chicken breast. You could call me a choose-a-tarian.


BUT. for parties & get togethers, and times where my husband’s friends enter my home, I’m gonna need some meat. I thought Baby BLT’s would be cute. SO, here they are. Super simple, SUPER easy & delicious as ever [so they say.]

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Turning 29 – for the first time

Happy Birthday Elise. It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve been in the last year of my 20’s & I’m going through this year saying, “WHY NOT?!” I quit my terrible office job, started a clothing company, & now a blog. Idk if anyone will read it, but I think its good for me.

Back to my birthday. Turning 29. I had a party. Close friends came. It was all sorts of fun & games (literally). My dad make me a game of bags & GIANT kerplunk.

Here I go again with trinkets – Target jars (the small one was once a candle), Large with gold lid – a candy jar! Paper straws for the win & who would have thought KROGER has such beautiful fresh flowers! They are color categorized and all amazing. The artificial peonies were leftovers from my wedding… Hobby Lobby has THE best artificial flowers.

This was my first attempt at cake decorating… I’ve always done a little whoop on the top of cupcakes, but never specific tips. This was a Russian tip to make the flowers. I’ll give more in depth info on cake decorating later.

Paper products from Target & Party City… the color categorized castle! The paper tassels, I made with some simple tissue, baby rubber bands  & a thick bakers twine. Target also has these for sale, but they are $5 for 5 tassels, and I’m much more extra then that. I need about 25. & tissue was $2 & I have tons of sheets leftover & I had the bakers twine in my collection of, things. (I will do a DIY for tassels later in the blog)… When that is available, I will link it —-> here.