Fall, Is that you?

Fall, Is that you?

Hi. So. Basiciallyyyyyy Fall is the most magical time of year (or like almost), but for real I am ready. And for someone who isn’t too fond of the cold I am rather excited to smell the crisp fall air and drink all the apple cider and Carmel vodka. Its legit the most magical fall drink I could have ever found. Go to your local orchard and get some LEGIT cider & buy Smirnoff Carmel vodka. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. (unless you drink too many) But thats not really my fault cause, um. Self control people. We’re adults here. Or.. at least trying to be. Many fall posts to come, but I’m gonna warm you up with this super sweet photo of my cat in her new Unicorn costume, because… its so darn cute. What couldn’t be more fun then 11 whole pounds of pure fluff and tie dye unicorns with iridescent wings? I honestly don’t know.

Callie's Unicorn costume



Adoption Day

My husband & I wanted to get a kitty. (Me, really) & he desperately wanted a pug, so obvs we started looking for a kitten. We went to several adoption places & didn’t really find the right fit. We had a small apartment & my husband was (about to be) a first time cat parent. So we needed a really friendly, loving, lap cat. (a cat-like dog apparently) I was like, lets try one more place (half hour away) & try the Humane Society there…..


Entering the Humane Society there were so many cats, & VERY new baby kittens. I still didn’t think we found the one. I spoke to the handler about what we were looking for, & she introduced us to that little face. She was 8 months or so, & just finished her round of shots & was spayed. She looked pathetic. She was perfect. One (very long) trip to the pet store, with a baby kitty in my arms later, she was home.

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