Adoption Day

My husband & I wanted to get a kitty. (Me, really) & he desperately wanted a pug, so obvs we started looking for a kitten. We went to several adoption places & didn’t really find the right fit. We had a small apartment & my husband was (about to be) a first time cat parent. So we needed a really friendly, loving, lap cat. (a cat-like dog apparently) I was like, lets try one more place (half hour away) & try the Humane Society there…..


Entering the Humane Society there were so many cats, & VERY new baby kittens. I still didn’t think we found the one. I spoke to the handler about what we were looking for, & she introduced us to that little face. She was 8 months or so, & just finished her round of shots & was spayed. She looked pathetic. She was perfect. One (very long) trip to the pet store, with a baby kitty in my arms later, she was home.

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