Hey all you cool cats & kittens.

2020 has been weird. & the worst.

I decided to fall back into the world of blogging. I’ve been more private about life lately and I am hoping that if I blog again I can connect with just one person out there that feels as lonely as me. I’ll give you a brief summary of my life to get you caught up.

I am thirty [something]. Married for 5 years to a workaholic of the century. Working [part time] now with COVID-19 running ramped throughout the world. I was full time and thats why my blog took a backseat. Our hours are shorter and I honestly couldn’t be more thankful. Part of my job is working with the public and you people are effing AWEFUL. Who raised you. Honestly.

The rest of my life I’m either thriving or barely surviving. I struggle with a LAUNDRY list of mental disorders and that was partly where my blog was born. In the mess of highs and lows and semi regular therapy I found myself here. I wanted to throw myself into something where I could share openly, talk about my struggles and things that make me happy. We’re all some sort of normal after all.

I don’t think I really caught you up at all. But, thanks for being here.


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