Sephora VIB Sale

Sephora VIB Sale

um. excuse me, did you say…. SALE?

So twice a year the most magical time of the year comes. The sephora VIB Sale. Where you can get makeup at a DISCOUNT. The more you buy throughout the year, the more you save during these times. Sephora has three levels of savings & dates you can shop:

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Here’s what I’m buying:

  • TATCHA – Pure & Glowing Trio
  • HERBIVORE – Blue Tansy BHA and Enzyme Pore Refining Mask
  • OLEHENRIKSEN – Banana Bright Eye Cream
  • NARS – Soft Matte Complete Concealer [shade: Chantilly]
  • REN Clean Skincare – ClearCalm Non-Drying Acne Treatment Gel
  • BENEFIT COSMETICS – Together @ Lash Full-Size Mascara Value Set
  • BENEFIT COSMETICS – Gimmie Brow Blowout! Volumizing Eyebrow Gel Value Set [shade:3]
  • ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starr – Point made 24-hr gel eyeliner pencil [shade: bodacious black]

And here’s why:

Tatcha: Pure & Glowing Trio. | $72.00 | orig. |

This Set Contains:
1.69 oz /50 mL The Rice Wash
1.69 oz/ 50 mL The Dewy Skin Cream
0.17 oz/ 5 mL The Silk Peony

I am BEYOND obsessed with the dewy skin cream. [remember my skin is dry] Its really a wonderful moisturizer & it usually retails at $68.00 You can get this ENTIRE set for $72.00 PLUS…. your Sephora VIB discount. A DEAL. Buy this cream.

HERBIVORE – Blue Tansy BHA and Enzyme Pore Refining Mask | $48.00 | orig. |

SKINCAREEEEEEE. This mask does wonders for the skin. It’s not super harsh and its full of great ingredients. I actually notice a difference when I use this. Which is saying a lot cause most skincare just chills in a cute jar with a hefty price tag & doesn’t do a lot. This one is well worth it. It also comes in a mini version [ so you can try it without the commitment of the 2oz jar] with the lapis oil I love and also recommend. I just still have half a bottle left in my skincare fridge. [ stay tuned for info on that ]

OLEHENRIKSEN – Banana Bright Eye Cream | $39.00 | orig. |

I have no idea if this is great or worthless, but the reviews were good – so you’ll have to take my research on that. I had the ORIGINS- GinZing™ Refreshing Eye Cream to Brighten and Depuff previously, and I was going to repurchase cause it did the job just fine, but I never like to settle with “fine” I’m always looking for the latest and greatest, so I figured I’d give this a go. [I’ll update as I have a real opinion]

NARS – Soft Matte Complete Concealer [shade: Chantilly] | $30.00 | orig. |

ONLY THE BEST CONCEALER TO EVER GRACE THE PLANET. It covers dark circles under the eye, imperfections like redness and that occasional pimple, DOES NOT dry out the under eye, or my skin at all. When they say soft matte… they mean it. It’s matte but not like so matte you look as dry as the desert. Comes in a great range of shades & It works perfect for my dry PALE AF skin and I can’t say enough good things about it. Just buy it. Thank me later.

REN Clean Skincare – ClearCalm Non-Drying Acne Treatment Gel | $20.00 | orig. |

We all have the occasional blemish now and then. I LOVE the REN Clean Skincare – Perfect Canvas Primer | $45.00 |orig.| [comes in a dropper bottle] so I figured I’d try this. I’ve previously purchased the ORIGINS – super spot remover acne treatment gel — and all I noticed with that is that it stung a little so it felt like it was doing something, but I’m not sure it ever did. Blemishes didn’t seam to peace out quicker with the origins by any means.

BENEFIT COSMETICS – Together @ Lash Full-Size Mascara Value Set | $38.00 | orig. |

I love the “they’re real” mascara – and have bought tubes and tubes over the years. It does something special when paired with Tarte’s – Lights, Camera, Lashes 4 in 1 mascara! I honestly just hate buying mascara and the more I can get for the best price, the better. Roller lash is a nice everyday & I’ve always wanted to try the bad gal bang since it came out. Three mascaras for about $30 with my VIB discount just says SOLD. Thank you very much.

BENEFIT COSMETICS – Gimmie Brow Blowout! Volumizing Eyebrow Gel Value Set [shade:3] | $24.00 | orig. |

This is the best EASY brow for a quick everyday moment. I still use a brow pencil, or a gel with a brush and draw them in a little – but this adds a tiny bit of color, and combs them in place. The only downside to this limited edition set is that it does not come in all of the regular Gimmie Brow! Colors usually available. Luckily – my shade is 3 and getting two for the price of one and a bonus mini makes me want to buy about 4 sets. I go through about one of these every 3 or so months. I’ve tried the ABH [anastasia beverly hills] product similar to this, but its brush is too large, so its very messy, and only lasted about a month longer then the gimmie brow.

ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starr – Point made 24-hr gel eyeliner pencil [shade: bodacious black] |$19.00| orig. |

Beauty people know about beauty. This is just your basic black eyeliner, but my Marc Jacobs – Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner | $26.00 | ran out and I decided to give our fellow beauty lover’s new brand ONE/SIZE a shot. The reviews are good – and as long as it stays in the waterline, and doesn’t make a smuggy mess … I’m in.

Thanks for listening. There are TONS of amazing beauty products out there these days. I just needed to re-up on some basic items while they were a deal! What are you picking up from the sale? Are you interested in any of my other beauty items? or hearing more? Do you like these posts? Would you prefer I link everything or is it easy enough to search for it? lmk.


Hey all you cool cats & kittens.

2020 has been weird. & the worst.

I decided to fall back into the world of blogging. I’ve been more private about life lately and I am hoping that if I blog again I can connect with just one person out there that feels as lonely as me. I’ll give you a brief summary of my life to get you caught up.

I am thirty [something]. Married for 5 years to a workaholic of the century. Working [part time] now with COVID-19 running ramped throughout the world. I was full time and thats why my blog took a backseat. Our hours are shorter and I honestly couldn’t be more thankful. Part of my job is working with the public and you people are effing AWEFUL. Who raised you. Honestly.

The rest of my life I’m either thriving or barely surviving. I struggle with a LAUNDRY list of mental disorders and that was partly where my blog was born. In the mess of highs and lows and semi regular therapy I found myself here. I wanted to throw myself into something where I could share openly, talk about my struggles and things that make me happy. We’re all some sort of normal after all.

I don’t think I really caught you up at all. But, thanks for being here.