Baby BLT’s

I’m not a big meat eater. I haven’t eaten beef or pork since I was 10, I’m allergic to shellfish, I can’t stand the smell of actual fish, I won’t eat anything off the bone, or like, animals that aren’t normal so frog legs & bison are out of the question. SO, what do I eat? Lunch meat turkey & an occasional chicken breast. You could call me a choose-a-tarian.


BUT. for parties & get togethers, and times where my husband’s friends enter my home, I’m gonna need some meat. I thought Baby BLT’s would be cute. SO, here they are. Super simple, SUPER easy & delicious as ever [so they say.]

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Spread the word & SAVE THE BEES

Spread the word & SAVE THE BEES

I recently watched a documentary on Netflix about Honey. Long story short, supply is low & demand is high in the USA & our local bee keepers can’t meet that demand. SO, we started getting honey from China [just like everything else – shop local] and it’s not really honey. They lace it with all sorts of corn syrup and things & sell it to the grand ole US of A for 1/3rd the price. BUT ITS NOT REAL. So the government got involved, which it always does & then we weren’t allowed to get honey from china to help the local farmers. WELL, China shipped their bogus honey to Malaysia and other countries, and then to us in the US. SO, most of the honey here in food & on shelves ISN’T REAL. at least, not 100% real. Super diluted. Super scary. What else are we eating that we think is the real deal?

I spent my afternoon perplexed by this phenomenon and put together this lovely image [above] & a few facts about our dear little honeybees and how important they are to the environment & life as we know it today.

  • Honey bees must gather nectar from two million flowers, travel 90,000 miles [about 3 trips around the globe] to make one pound of honey!
  • Honey bees travel up to 6 miles & visit anywhere from 50-100 flowers in a single trip!
  • Honey is a natural medicine! Many [including yours truly] use LOCAL farmers honey and it helps with your allergies! AMAZING if you ask me!
  • ONE in THREE bites of food we eat courtesy of pollination. Thats a MAJOR portion of our diet.
  • 85% of flowering trees & plants, and 30% of the world’s plants require bee’s pollination for survival.

Pretty Incredible for a tiny insect that only lives about 6 weeks.

What will happen to human’s without bees?

Here’s a VERY LARGE infographic that says everything I want to say in cute little pictures.

DISCLAIMER: I found this. I’ll leave the link to its original resting place here.


CONGRATULATIONS. Now you are a smarter, even more informed human. Now, go out there in our great big world, tell a friend, spread the word, & save the bees. Kisses.


Bullet Journal – February 2018

Bullet Journal – February 2018

Sorry I’m like, a few days late late for this plan with me February spread, but maybe it will inspire you for later endeavors or maybe you haven’t planned your next week spread yet & [hopefully] you’re late in the game like me. I think that bullet journaling is the best hobby I’ve picked up, it quiets the mind & I get to hand letter & doodle & color & all the childlike things adults should actually be doing on the reg for our health. That mental health thing that no one likes to talk about, well… here in wonderland our host Elise [aka me] has the laundry list of mental health [disorders], but who really likes to call them that. Lets call them, character flaws. So much less stigma. Right? Everyone has character flaws.

When it comes to the monthly section of my bullet journal I like to first, give the month its own start & this month I went with a color story. Pinks, Reds, Corals, and some leafy greens. I just felt it was appropriate considering this month is all about love. For a personal preference, I like to put the month’s title on the right side & a nice quote about love on the left.


Secondly, for my next spread I like to write out the actual calendar. I can put really important dates/appointments/birthdays/etc. in here, or just use as a reference. In January, I tracked the weather & temperature everyday. [it wasn’t that positive, let me tell you.] But, you can do whatever you wish here, or leave it out entirely.


& Finally, I’ll start out the week. When Month’s fall with a short week like February did this year, I put the dates 1-10 together. In my weekly spread I mostly just put appointments, meetings, events, & what I ate, I write small, so I don’t need much space each day. Some bullet journalers need more space and color coordinate & categorize all events one color, meetings another, classes, etc.


Some Tips & Tricks…. I get an idea in my head about how I want to attack that week, if I want my days to be horizontal or vertical, where I’ll write the number & day of the week AND I DO IT IN PENCIL. I never ever everrrrrrrrr go in with pen at first. If you are brave, well go get it girl, but I am not. I count dots and try to figure out spacing and such and leave little marks to where everything will lay out.

I use prisma colored pencils & micron pens. Micron pens are archival ink, they do not bleed through the page and they come in all sorts of widths. My favorites are .35mm & .45mm [but I’m sure you’ll have your own preference.] I’ll link my previous post [bullet journal – intro] about tools I use/tips/fun stuff & you can check that out HERE.

I haven’t yet finished February’s weekly layouts, but stay tuned because I’d like to show you some more ASAP. Good Luck! Kisses.


Coloring for Adults – Relaxation


Does anyone find themselves overly stressed, full of anxiety, and no time for themselves?  It might sound silly, you might think coloring is for kids… but its not. its for everyone. And its so good for you. I’m no scientist, just an avid article reader, but coloring engages a part of the brain called the cerebral cortex & relaxes the fear center of the brain. The cerebral cortex is the largest part of the brain & is associated with higher brain function  including your thoughts and actions. So treating it well is good. GREAT for you. Cool, right? It can relieve so much anxiety – especially when you have a weekend full of your in-laws coming to stay. Color the three days before instead of fretting over the things they aren’t going to eat & color before your huge presentation to your boss, before your next job interview, after your rough day at work. Really anytime.

I’ve struggled with anxiety and a laundry list of other mental disorders categorized by someone with a higher education than I, so I suppose I could believe them. After a number of medications, years of therapy, and trying everything under the sun to diet changes, using oils and all sorts of things.. I found the most helpful thing for an anxiety free afternoon is, coloring. I find that getting lost in a simple drawing, and picking colors, and the ease of thought that goes into coloring, my mind finds itself elsewhere. Being more creative, in my writing – in my average life, in dinners even. I find everything a bit simpler, easier, more care free, when I colored for an hour the night before.

Its just such a simple thing you can do. I found myself so much more depressed before I started regularly coloring. I love to use colored pencils. My favorite are prismacolor [and really the only kind worth anything if you ask me ] & you can find them at your local Michaels, Walmart, JoAnn’s, BLICK, and even Target. Check out their site –>[prismacolor]

My favorite books are:


Enchanted Forest – Found at Barnes & Nobles – Buy it HERE.



Creative Cats – Found at Michael’s – Buy it HERE.



Alice’s Adventures – I found mine at Target, but you can buy it on Amazon HERE.

You can really find great ones anywhere. Especially if you are into a certain type. I have about 6 Alice books in my collection. I also love to color flowers. Michael’s has several flower books in their store. Get yourself a couple different ones & some nice coloring pencils/sharpie markers/etc. & get anxiety free. Kisses.