Spread the word & SAVE THE BEES

I recently watched a documentary on Netflix about Honey. Long story short, supply is low & demand is high in the USA & our local bee keepers can’t meet that demand. SO, we started getting honey from China [just like everything else – shop local] and it’s not really honey. They lace it with all sorts of corn syrup and things & sell it to the grand ole US of A for 1/3rd the price. BUT ITS NOT REAL. So the government got involved, which it always does & then we weren’t allowed to get honey from china to help the local farmers. WELL, China shipped their bogus honey to Malaysia and other countries, and then to us in the US. SO, most of the honey here in food & on shelves ISN’T REAL. at least, not 100% real. Super diluted. Super scary. What else are we eating that we think is the real deal?

I spent my afternoon perplexed by this phenomenon and put together this lovely image [above] & a few facts about our dear little honeybees and how important they are to the environment & life as we know it today.

  • Honey bees must gather nectar from two million flowers, travel 90,000 miles [about 3 trips around the globe] to make one pound of honey!
  • Honey bees travel up to 6 miles & visit anywhere from 50-100 flowers in a single trip!
  • Honey is a natural medicine! Many [including yours truly] use LOCAL farmers honey and it helps with your allergies! AMAZING if you ask me!
  • ONE in THREE bites of food we eat courtesy of pollination. Thats a MAJOR portion of our diet.
  • 85% of flowering trees & plants, and 30% of the world’s plants require bee’s pollination for survival.

Pretty Incredible for a tiny insect that only lives about 6 weeks.

What will happen to human’s without bees?

Here’s a VERY LARGE infographic that says everything I want to say in cute little pictures.

DISCLAIMER: I found this. I’ll leave the link to its original resting place here.


CONGRATULATIONS. Now you are a smarter, even more informed human. Now, go out there in our great big world, tell a friend, spread the word, & save the bees. Kisses.


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