Coloring for Adults – Relaxation


Does anyone find themselves overly stressed, full of anxiety, and no time for themselves?  It might sound silly, you might think coloring is for kids… but its not. its for everyone. And its so good for you. I’m no scientist, just an avid article reader, but coloring engages a part of the brain called the cerebral cortex & relaxes the fear center of the brain. The cerebral cortex is the largest part of the brain & is associated with higher brain function  including your thoughts and actions. So treating it well is good. GREAT for you. Cool, right? It can relieve so much anxiety – especially when you have a weekend full of your in-laws coming to stay. Color the three days before instead of fretting over the things they aren’t going to eat & color before your huge presentation to your boss, before your next job interview, after your rough day at work. Really anytime.

I’ve struggled with anxiety and a laundry list of other mental disorders categorized by someone with a higher education than I, so I suppose I could believe them. After a number of medications, years of therapy, and trying everything under the sun to diet changes, using oils and all sorts of things.. I found the most helpful thing for an anxiety free afternoon is, coloring. I find that getting lost in a simple drawing, and picking colors, and the ease of thought that goes into coloring, my mind finds itself elsewhere. Being more creative, in my writing – in my average life, in dinners even. I find everything a bit simpler, easier, more care free, when I colored for an hour the night before.

Its just such a simple thing you can do. I found myself so much more depressed before I started regularly coloring. I love to use colored pencils. My favorite are prismacolor [and really the only kind worth anything if you ask me ] & you can find them at your local Michaels, Walmart, JoAnn’s, BLICK, and even Target. Check out their site –>[prismacolor]

My favorite books are:


Enchanted Forest – Found at Barnes & Nobles – Buy it HERE.



Creative Cats – Found at Michael’s – Buy it HERE.



Alice’s Adventures – I found mine at Target, but you can buy it on Amazon HERE.

You can really find great ones anywhere. Especially if you are into a certain type. I have about 6 Alice books in my collection. I also love to color flowers. Michael’s has several flower books in their store. Get yourself a couple different ones & some nice coloring pencils/sharpie markers/etc. & get anxiety free. Kisses.


One thought on “Coloring for Adults – Relaxation

  1. I loved your story. Most people can calm down with crayons, markers or other coloring tools and some coloring books or blank pieces of paper. Sadly some people are thought to be wasting time when they attempt to color. I am so glad that they have coloring books for people over twenty. It does work when it comes to destressing myself.

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