Adoption Day

My husband & I wanted to get a kitty. (Me, really) & he desperately wanted a pug, so obvs we started looking for a kitten. We went to several adoption places & didn’t really find the right fit. We had a small apartment & my husband was (about to be) a first time cat parent. So we needed a really friendly, loving, lap cat. (a cat-like dog apparently) I was like, lets try one more place (half hour away) & try the Humane Society there…..


Entering the Humane Society there were so many cats, & VERY new baby kittens. I still didn’t think we found the one. I spoke to the handler about what we were looking for, & she introduced us to that little face. She was 8 months or so, & just finished her round of shots & was spayed. She looked pathetic. She was perfect. One (very long) trip to the pet store, with a baby kitty in my arms later, she was home.

I think she liked us. This is the first night she was home. (Remember that my husband did not even want a kitty.) Look at the love in his face holding this fluff. It took us about two weeks to name her. In the mean time we called her kitty. We wrote a list of names we liked & called her that name for a day until we found one that really fit. Meet Callie. (This is where the name for my clothing store comes from.) Callie’s Closet Clothing Co.

My husband Jon was about to return her, because for the first 3 nights she ran around like a wild beast & through the hanging blinds, & jumped on him through the night. A few short months later, she grew, & put on weight, & started looking really healthy. (but still, a wild beast.)

I think she’ll keep us. I always had a cat growing up, but the love you feel when the pet is YOURS. Not just a family pet, speaks volumes. If I have this much love for a kitty – I can’t image how real mothers feel. Proud Cat Mom. (I should get a bumper sticker… kidding)


She’s grown into quite the diva, she needs her OWN water glass on our bedside table (living room & next to the food dish), goes wild at the crack of the can food can, & snuggles & purrs like theres no tomorrow. She’s our little love bug & I can’t imagine life without the little marshmallow. We adopted her two years ago (yesterday). I bought her new toys & gave her tuna to celebrate & it just slipped my mind to post.

Adopt a pet. You won’t regret it. Happy Adoption Day Callie.


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