Ride or Die

Working out is super important, eating right, watching your calorie intake. From someone who watches every single thing I put in my mouth – its good for me to get out and do a workout outside the gym. One that isn’t timing me and counting calories as I go through the motions.

For two years I was on a medication that helped me gain 40lbs.. sadly. So I became more & more obsessed. I hated how my clothes fit, I had to buy new jeans, I felt SO uncomfortable in pictures & most importantly, in my own skin. I’d skip out on swimming activities, photos with friends, I wanted to become a hermit. (and die.)

So, fast forward to late August. My Dr. changed my medication and I’ve lost 9lbs. NINE. in basically 9 weeks. Healthy. Exciting. EXHILARATING. So I decided to give myself a gift.

A gift of new bike tires. I was given this bike by my mother’s friend when they were cleaning out their garage, and I LOVE Biking. I love being outside, feeling the wind in my hair, listening to my favorite music, theres something so relaxing about it for me.

So, I get my bike tires fixed & the very next day (yesterday) I went to the Saginaw Valley Rail Trail. A 10 mile (one way) trail from Saginaw to St. Charles & it’s paved the entire way. I thought I’d just give it a quick go and bike to the bathrooms & back (6 total miles). Then I felt guilty, I was like – When I rollerblade the trail thats how far I go. It’s a beautiful day, you have time. Just go a little further. Before I knew it, I was in St. Charles. I just keep peddling and singing and looking at the beauty of Michigan in October.

When I got to St. Charles it was pretty anti-climatic. In my head I thought there’d be something cool at the end. Nope. A sign, some rose bushes, a bathroom & a drinking fountain…. & most exciting of all, the parking lot. I didn’t expect someone to be standing there with flags screaming YOU’RE HALF WAY. GO YOU. Now, just bike back the 10 miles you pedaled to get here.

It took me 2 hours and 15 minutes to go my 20 miles, but I never felt more alive. Give yourself the gift of nature. It’s beauty & fresh air can do wonders.


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