Turning 29 – for the first time

Happy Birthday Elise. It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve been in the last year of my 20’s & I’m going through this year saying, “WHY NOT?!” I quit my terrible office job, started a clothing company, & now a blog. Idk if anyone will read it, but I think its good for me.

Back to my birthday. Turning 29. I had a party. Close friends came. It was all sorts of fun & games (literally). My dad make me a game of bags & GIANT kerplunk.

Here I go again with trinkets – Target jars (the small one was once a candle), Large with gold lid – a candy jar! Paper straws for the win & who would have thought KROGER has such beautiful fresh flowers! They are color categorized and all amazing. The artificial peonies were leftovers from my wedding… Hobby Lobby has THE best artificial flowers.

This was my first attempt at cake decorating… I’ve always done a little whoop on the top of cupcakes, but never specific tips. This was a Russian tip to make the flowers. I’ll give more in depth info on cake decorating later.

Paper products from Target & Party City… the color categorized castle! The paper tassels, I made with some simple tissue, baby rubber bands  & a thick bakers twine. Target also has these for sale, but they are $5 for 5 tassels, and I’m much more extra then that. I need about 25. & tissue was $2 & I have tons of sheets leftover & I had the bakers twine in my collection of, things. (I will do a DIY for tassels later in the blog)… When that is available, I will link it —-> here.



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