Easiest Party Dip… EVER

The weekend is quickly approaching – when you blink it will be Saturday. FOOTBALL Saturday. We know you’ve got your gear on, beer cooled, & you want to run to the store & throw some snacks together. Chips & Salsa – easy. PERFECT. Except when you arrive to the tailgate everyone else had the same idea. Here’s my 3 ingredient dip (plus dipping agent) that’s easyyyyy peasyyyyy. Trust me. I wouldn’t steer you wrong.

  1. Philadelphia cream cheese
  2. Marzetti Old fashion Carmel dip
  3. Pecans

I like to serve mine with apple slices, but you can also use flat pretzels, regular pretzels, some cool cracker, or whatever your little heart desires.

OMG. REALLY ELISE.. THATS IT? YES GIRL. YES. Let your cream cheese sit out for a half hour or so (that way it’ll be easy to mold in the bottom of your dish). I use a spoon & legit mush it in the bottom of my dip bowl. Then take some Carmel & put about a centimeter on the top. Crush your pecans in a zip lock bag with your seriously useful kitchen tool –your rock hard fist. This will just make them a bit smaller so each person doesn’t get a whole nut on their dip. Throw those babies on the top and BOOM. you are done. Not only will you have a unique dip, but everyone will LOVE it & think you did something seriously amazing… which you did, right?


Have a great weekend ! Let me know if you try it & love it!!

x0 Elly

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