BOO-tiful Table Arrangements

Table arrangements can make or break the room. Can you imagine a table without a runner? Going to a wedding without a centerpiece? Arrangements can be the center focus of your event. I love black and white. Neutral. There’s just something chic about it, almost always. Which is funny, because my mom tried to dress me in loads of black & white attire as a child, but I wouldn’t wear it… Now its my go-to. How things change.

You can find black and white table runners in all sorts of places – Amazon & Easy shops would be where I’d first look. What can’t you find on Amazon? Right? I knew what I wanted & had my mom whip this Kate Spade inspire baby up. Washable & reversible. Handy, really. Antlers are all the rage right now & at first I wasn’t too keen on the idea of putting dead animal on my table, but I really liked the way it pulled it together. Vintage stores will sometimes have them – or you can phone your favorite hunter and have them saw a pair off for you on their latest hunt. (sorry)

Now you’ll need a vessel. This wooden one is from TJ Maxx, but you can always check Target and get a serving tray to use in a pinch!

Grab some flowers and FLORIST FOAM from Hobby Lobby — here I used peonies, hydrangeas, & white pumpkins. You won’t be able to do any sort of arrangement without florist foam. It comes in blocks and circles and you can cut it, break it, and most importantly – shove stems of artificial flowers into it. Start with a few peonies and start putting hydrangeas in for filler, when you have a nice blank spot – throw in a pumpkin… just keep playing until you have filled your vessel. You don’t have to use leaves, but I had them so I threw them in there.

& there you have it. A Neutral, all fall appropriate table arrangement. Good Luck!


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